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Registration for the 2021 Season is OPEN!


2021 Co-ed House League: Grades K-2

2021 Girls Lax: Grades 3rd/4th (closed)

2021 Girls Lax: Grades 5th/6th (closed)

2021 Girls Lax: Grades 7th/8th

2021 Boys Lax: Grades 3rd/4th (closed)

2021 Boys Lax: Grades 5th/6th (closed)

2021 Boys Lax: Grades 7th/8th (closed)


COVID-19: We have decided as a board to move forward with the 2021 season. Due to the everchanging safety regulations and town/state requirements, we are not entirely sure what the season will look like. However, we are committed to offering the best program we can and doing so safely. 


Costs: BYL fee for this program is $220. Additionally, each participant is required to have a renewed US Lacrosse membership ($30).


US Lacrosse Membership: Mid-way through BYL registration you will be redirected to the USL website where you can pay online for the USL renewal. You will then be redirected back to the BYL website to complete the BYL registration and separately pay online for BYL. Please note that if you owe an amount to BYL for not returning a previous year’s uniform, an additional $55 payment for this will need to be included. Your full owed balance to BYL will show up at the last step of online registration.


Uniform: Each player will receive a travel team game jersey and shorts. You are expected to return the uniform to BYL at the end of the season. Each player will also receive a Branford pinny that they can keep. We will be sending out information regarding uniform sizing in February.


Teams: The number of teams will be based on the number of players that register. Ideally the teams will be set by grade year (i.e., a 5th grade team or two 5th grade teams). However, based on registration numbers, some grade years might need to be combined (i.e., a 5th/6th grade team). All players will be placed on a team. No prior experience required. Each player is required to play on the team that is in accordance with his or her grade in school. No player, regardless of skill or experience, will be allowed to play on any other team except for the extremely rare situation that another team needs additional players to field a full team for a game.


Equipment: Girls are required to have cleats, sneakers, mouth guard, goggles, and a girl’s lacrosse stick. Boys are required to have cleats, sneakers, mouth guard, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, lacrosse gloves, a protective cup, and a boy’s lacrosse stick.


Length: Preseason starts in March and is typically on Sundays. The lacrosse season starts in late March and ends in mid-June.


Practices: Practices will vary per team. A third practice will likely be added each week but it is dependent on game schedule. We will practice at either Walsh or Young's Pond.

  • Girls 3/4: Monday & Friday
  • Girls 5/6: Tuesday & Thursday
  • Girls 7/8: Monday & Wednesday
  • Boys 3/4: TBD
  • Boys 5/6: Tuesday & Thursday
  • Boys 7/8: Tuesday & Thursday


Games: Each team will play approximately 10 games on various days of the week against other town travel programs over the season and will also participate in one selected Jamboree/tournament as well as the season-end CONNY tournament at Yale on one of the first few weekends of June. Players in Grades 3 & 4 will play 7 vs 7 games on smaller sized fields. Players in Grades 5-8 will play 10 vs 10 games on full sized fields.


Travel Team Commitment Policy: All players and parents are required to read our Travel Team Commitment Policy prior to registering. By continuing through the registration process, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood the policy and will adhere to it throughout the season.


Scholarships: BYL is happy to offer payment plans, financial support, and/or lightly used equipment to those in need. If you would like to learn more, please email bylscholarship@gmail.com and a member of our board will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Questions: If you have any questions, please contact Carla Miller at .



US Lacrosse Return to Play

US Lacrosse has announced a set of return to play recommendations to assist the lacrosse community in following the appropriate steps to mitigate the risk for all participants in the COVID-19 environment. The recommendations were developed by a medical advisory committee, chaired by Dr. Eugene Hong, chair of the US Lacrosse Sport Science & Safety Committee.

The return to play guidelines follow a five-stage process that will vary regionally based on recommendations and allowances from local and state public health authorities. Each of the five stages represent a progression that allow for further activity as public health conditions warrant.

BYL will strive to follow all suggested guidelines from US Lacrosse!




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